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Sumeshen Moodley  January  2016


Premier league team, Collegians Rugby Club will once again be looked after by the MEDKP team as the club looks to build on their success from the previous 2015 season. 2015 was a successful year for the club as a whole. The 1st team defended the premier league title successfully, the 2nd team won the reserve league with the 3rd team also winning their league going unbeaten.

The U20’s also dominated by winning the league and cup double. Looking ahead for  2016 Collegians rugby is dedicated to improving their performances.

In continuing with professionalism, Collegians is the only club in the premier league to have a full complement of staff within its professional structure.  This includes a proper medical team.

MEDKP’s physiotherapist, Sumeshen Moodley once again heads the medical team for Collegians. He will be assisted by MEDKP’s biomechanical therapist, Richard Tyler and chiropractor, Rhoda Benjamin. Chairman of the rugby club, Ian Losinsky said, “We are grateful to have Durban’s best physio, probably the best I know part of our club. The players respect him and that’s important.” MEDKP has always been popular amongst the sports and legendary Sharks player Brett Henessey has always endorsed the center and says that he will never go anywhere else for his injuries.


Physio Sumeshen Moodley helps SA swimmer to world champs

Lorna Pottier  July 2015


Physio Sumeshen Moodley helps SA swimmer to world champs. MEDKP’s physiotherapist, Sumeshen Moodley has been looking after SA swimmer Carmen Le Roux since October 2014.

Carmen had been training hard to improve her times and make a significant impact in the Open Water arena. With increased intensity in training meant more effort and workload on her body. Only 16 years old at the time of first seeing Sumeshen. Carmen had achieved considerable success in her province of KZN. Recurrent – back pains resulted in Carmen seeking physio. Sumeshen assessed Carmen thoroughly and discovered she had scoliosis which was causing a few issues in her back and further preventing her from improving her performance. Sumeshen advised that with physiotherapy and his performance program he could sort Carmen’s back condition and thereafter improve her performance in the water.


After three physio sessions with Sumeshen, Carmen recovered feeling very minimal symptoms or discomfort. Carmen then joined Sumeshen’s performance sessions where he focussed on core, strengthening and fitness specific for swimming. By the time KZN champs came in December 2014 Carmen improved to being KZN’s no.1 female open water swimmer. Carmen Le Roux had also been dominating the national open water scene. After KZN champs, Sumeshen advanced her performance routines resulting in Carmen qualifying for the “Open Water World Championships” in Kazan, Russia in July 2015. Sixteen year old Carmen Le Roux was on her way to taking on the world’s best.

What's happening at Medkp?

Sumeshen Moodley  June 2015


MEDICAL CENTER @ KINGS PARK (MEDKP) has been really busy helping all those competing at various events. Our recognised practitioners are fast becoming Durban's "go to" practitioners for all their health needs. Furthermore, the international community is accessing our world class treatments.


Recently Shaun Matton, Exeter International rugby player travelled to SA to see his physiotherapist, Sumeshen Moodley. Shaun often ays that he has to see Sumeshen because nobody else can help him. Playing rugby in England has its stresses. MEDKP is glad to be of help in assisting Shaun in achieving at the highest level. 


Another tourist, while visiting SA durign the "Tourism Indaba" expo, Samantha Tett from England walked into MEDKP after googling "Best Physio in Durban". After her session she had decided to extend her stay as she said she would never get this physio treatment anywhere else. Samantha is a national polo player who broke her leg in three places following a nasty kick from a horse. The unfortunate incident occured in July 2014. Since then she experienced severe lower back pain, limping, hip pain and muscle soreness. She had given up on physio as nobody in UK seemed to do any good. 


While she was attending the "Tourist Indaba Expo" held in Durban in April 2015, She experienced discomfort and pain due to excessive walking as a result she sought treatment from Sumeshen Moodley Physiotherapy at MEDKP. In just three sessions she felt significant relief. To enhance her recovery, Sumeshen asked MEDKP's Richard Tyler to assist with the Biomechanics. Together the MEDKP's practitioners helped Samantha improve tremendously. Acknowledging that our practitioners are world class. Samantha now flies to Durban once a month to maintain her recovery. She swears by physiotherapist Sumeshen Moodley and Biomechanical Therapist, Richard Tyler. 

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