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Listed below are the views of patients of their experience with the MEDKP team.

"I have been racing all over the world so far in my 20 odd years of riding. We constantly get thrown off horses and suffer serious injuries. Some of us dont ride again. I just happened to walk into The Medical center @ Kings Park Stadia, my partner suggested that I get some physio done. I was introduced to Sumeshen as he is a horseracing fan and he just seemed to just want to shake my hand just because he recognised me. I just thought the body is a bit sore just book an appointment, I decided to book with him for the next day- best decision I have ever made since. This guy is a machine, the best physio I have experienced. He is the best in the world, I been to physios all over the world and nobody compares to Sumeshen. I am riding pain free and can feel my style all over again, its all coming together after he has got my body right. Now all the top jockeys want him treating them, including my mates Anthony Delpech and Anton Marcus"   -MJ Odendaal(former SA Champion jockey)

                                                       winner of SA Derby x2, 3rd in a Durban July

"I am glad I was introduced to Sumeshen, he has been great working on me, maintaining my performance, since he worked on me at the racecourse, I have made him my personal physio." - Anton Marcus( 4x winner of the Durban July, JnB Met, Summer cup, Dubai classic, captain of SA jockey team, SA champion jockey)

“I usually come on holiday to Durban during the festive season. After shouder operation I received physio in JHB and thereafter biokinetics. While on holiday I experienced pain in my other shoulder and thought while I’m in Durban, let me visit a physio. I was referred to Sumeshen. I saw him three days in a row as I was amazed at how brilliant he is. I want to take him to Jhb with me.” Nelis Smith, December 2015.


“I have been diagnosed with L3, L4, L5 disc compression with nerve root impingement. This caused me severe lower back pain and weakness in my legs. Being a nurse I was worried and stressed. The physios in the hospital I was admitted in offered no relief. The physios in the hospital I work at were useless, I saw two physios in Phoenix which made no difference, at a family function upon my complaining I was told about Sumeshen. I was fed up with physios but due to the pain I was in, I decided to see why he was highly spoken of. After my first session I experienced great improvement, it took two more sessions and I was sorted. He is the best physio, I recommend my family, friends and colleagues to him.” Sarika Naidoo, Nov 2015


"I started seeing Sumeshen for physio when I played u20 rugby for Collegians. I had a bad ankle injury during a rugby match, went to the sharks academy physio for 6 weeks no improvement. Since Sumeshen was the Collegians physio I then decided to go to treatment with him. Within 2 weeks my ankle was sorted and I was back playing. I trusted Sumeshen with all my injuries. I just come back from playing 1st division rugby in England. My back has been sore for the past 3 months yet the physios there could not help me with my injury. I arrived in Durban 19/05/13 from the UK, called Sumeshen on the Monday asked him to please fit me in and tell me whats wrong as I was feeling pins and needles etc down my arm. I was so irritated the physios in England couldnt sort it out. He treated me and told me whats wrong, after treatment just 1 session I felt so much better than 2 months of physio in England, but Sumeshen insisted I get X-rays done as he felt my alignment was off and I had disc degeneration with a scoliosis. The X-rays showed that Sumeshen was spot on with he felt was my problem. I am making sure he does my rehab as well before I get back to the UK.

Sumeshen is world class, I would go back to the academy or any other physio."   -Shaun Malton(captained of Glenwood 1st team won world schools rugby champs, Captain of Collegians u20A won league/cup double unbeaten through the season, SA u20, Nottingham rugby 1st team-1st div-England)

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